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Find an Orthodontist for Your Braces and Invisalign Braces.1st Braces is dedicated to helping you find orthodontic dentists and dental care information about Invisalign braces and metal braces.  Orthodontists and orthodontic dental care can improve your bite and change your facial profile for the better, and it can boost your self-esteem.
Visit 1st Braces .com to learn how to find an Orthodontic Dentist that is right for you.

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Find a Sedation Dentist - Sleep Dentist

Sedation Dentistry - Sleep Dentistry - Sedation Dentist

Sedation dentistry allows the apprehensive patient who may have had a painful dental care experience in the past, or a traumatic experience in the dental chair recently, get the anxiety free dental care they need.

1st Sedation Dentist is the most reliable, convenient and efficient way to find dental information regarding sedation dentistry care and sedation dentists or sleep dentists in your area.

Visit Sedation Dentist for more information and research on Sleep Dentistry and Sleep Dentists.

Find a Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic Dentist - Tooth Whitening - Cosmetic Dentistry -
 Dental Makeover

1st Cosmetic Dentist is the most reliable, convenient and efficient way to find cosmetic dentists and cosmetic dentistry information in your area. If achieving a bright, beautiful smile is on your dental care priority list then 1st Cosmetic Dentist is definitely the right site for you.

1st Cosmetic Dentist is also brimming with articles providing dentistry information on tooth whitening, dental implants, dental veneers and other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Learn about your cosmetic dental care options and research by visiting 1st Cosmetic Dentist .com.

Find an Implant Dentist for Great Dental ImplantsDental Implants - Tooth Implants - Dental Implant Cost

Dental implants are considered the ultimate dental care solution for tooth replacement, especially when a single tooth needs to be replaced.

If dental implants is the type of dental care procedure you need to best replace your missing teeth, you should select a dentist with in-depth knowledge of and prior experience with all aspects of the treatment.

To learn more about dental implants how to find an implant dentist near you, visit 1st Dental Implants .com.



Find a Dentist for Great Dental Care

Dentistry - Find a Dentist - Dental Care

What did your parents tell you about going to the dentist? Did they talk about how your dentist could help you with all of your dental care needs such as your teeth, gums and even your smile? Instead, they probably emphasized the negative: "It won't hurt much," or "Your toothache will be gone."

For most of us, the stories we heard about visiting a dentist described how the person in the white jacket helped relieve tooth pain. We didn't hear about the dentist or dentistry team creating opportunities for good health and an attractive bright smile.

At 1st Dentist .com you'll find the latest dental research why it is important to visit your dentist regularly.

Tooth Whitening - Tooth Bleaching - Tooth WhitenerTooth Whitening - Tooth Bleaching - Tooth Whitener

How would you feel if your smile was a bit brighter than it is right now? Whiter teeth not only look sensational, they build the kind of inner confidence that really gives a smile its electricity.

There are also choices among tooth whitening systems. New gels and solutions are accelerated by light; laser technology is new and a very effective dental care solution. Tooth whitening systems can whiten teeth fast in your dentist's office, or over time at home, at your convenience.

Visit 1st Tooth Whitening .com to learn more about the various tooth whitening options that are currently available to you.  Find a dentist today!

Find Oral Surgeon to Wisdom Tooth Removal or Extraction

Wisdom Teeth - Oral Surgery - Oral Surgeon - Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth, those third molars at the very back of our mouths, are so named because they generally erupt during late adolescence and early adulthood. When properly positioned they can be a valuable asset to us. When the jaw is not large enough to accommodate these teeth, they can cause dental care problems, such as infection, requiring wisdom tooth removal.

The bottom line is that wisdom teeth most often don't fit well in our mouths and they can cause other teeth to move or lead to gum disease or bone problems. An oral surgeon or your dentist can provide guidance whether you're a candidate for wisdom teeth removal (extraction).

Visit 1st Wisdom Teeth .com to find a dentist to make an evaluation and suggest the best dental care options for you.

Find an Endodontist for Root Canal TreatmentRoot Canal - Dental Endodontists - Endodontics

Don't panic. When your dentist or dental care team says you need a root canal, that's actually good news. It means they can save your tooth, instead of extracting it.

The procedure is not painful, as you may have heard. They numb the tooth so you won't feel any pain, and there is little discomfort afterwards. Extracting the tooth would be less healthy and more expensive.

Why do people need a root canal? When the nerve of the tooth is irreversibly damaged by decay or an injury, pulp tissue can become infected, often causing pain, swelling and sensitivity to hot or cold.
Find a Pediatric Dentist for Your Child

Pediatric Dentist - Baby Teeth - Pediatric Dentistry -
Child Dentis

A baby's first tooth is another milestone in the growth of a child. Parents love to celebrate the tiny, yet momentous steps that pave a child's healthy development.

Babies are born with their primary teeth formed underneath the gums, but they don't start appearing until many months later, usually between six to seven months after birth; however, there is considerable variation in the timing. By the time children are three years old, they usually have a full set of 20 primary teeth.

Find out more information and research about your child's teeth by visiting 1st Pediatric Dentist .com.


Find a Periodontist to Treat Your Gum Disease or GingivitisGum Disease - Gingivitis - Periodontal Disease

According to information from the American Dental Association, three out of four Americans over age 35 have some form of periodontal disease, the major cause of tooth loss and bad breath in adults. Gingivitis is the mildest form of periodontal disease that, if left untreated, can progress to the loss of bone and tissues that support the tooth - periodontitis.

Everyone should be routinely screened for periodontal disease. All dentists and dental care teams are qualified in detecting and treating the early stages of periodontal disease, but if an individual suspects that they are at risk, or they know they have periodontal disease, they may want to see a periodontist who has extensive advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal conditon. Click here to find a great periodontist near you.



Find a TMJ Dentist

TMJ - TMJ  Dentist - TMJ Symptoms - TMD - TMJ Treatment -
TMJ Syndrome

TMJ Dysfunction is a living nightmare for an estimated 50 million Americans who suffer from this distress. And the fact that many dentists and physicians fail to diagnose this disorder means that people are suffering needlessly and spending money on dental care visits and drugs that give them no relief. But there is hope when TMJ is diagnosed correctly.

If you or someone you love suffer from the symptoms of TMJ, visit 1st TMJ Dentist .com for information you need to find a dentist that will be able to help you. It may end years of suffering and pain.

Find a Prosthodontist for Dentures and False TeethDentures -  False Teeth - Affordable Dentures - Repair

Dentures make life easier every day. While you may miss your natural teeth, dentures make it possible for you to eat well, improve your appearance, fill gaps where natural teeth are missing and support your facial muscles so you maintain your appearance.

Dentures require special dental care, however, and so does the rest of your mouth. Daily cleaning and regular dental care visits are just as important now that you are a denture wearer as they were before you got your dentures.

Visit 1st Dentures .com to learn about having dentures as well as to find a dentist to assist you with your dentures and other dental care needs.  

Find a Dentist to Help with Your Dental Insurance or Denal Plan Needs

Best Dental Insurance - Dental Plan - Individual Dental Insurance - Dental Coverage

Everyone seems to want dental insurance, but many dental patients donít fully understand what it can do for them. The following information on 1st Dental Insurance is intended to provide an overview of dental care insurance, the variations that exist and how to effectively use your benefits.

Dental insurance is most commonly found as an employee benefit that helps the member and his or her family to afford proper dental care services. While dental insurance plans for individuals are sold, they are often quite expensive due to the elective nature of most dental services. Employers and their human resource managers purchase most dental insurance plans for the companyís employees.

Find a Dental Fiancincing, Loans or Credit.Dental Financing - Dental Loans - Dental Credit Cards

The new dentistry brings together a unique complement of skills, knowledge, and capabilities with one primary focus: ensuring your dental health care. Working as a team, your dentist and the dental care team he or she has assembled wants to recruit you to join them in making sure this focus is maintained. The dental care team has two major parts that you may hear referenced during your visits: the "back" and the "front." These terms refer to two very specific functions of your dental care team. The front office handles all the administration, scheduling, and dental financing, and the back office provides the treatment.

In order to receive the dental care you need sometimes you are going to need dental financing and choosing a dental expense plan can be a confusing experience. Although there is no one "best" dental payment plan for financing health care, there are some plans that will be better than others for you and your family's dental payment plan needs.

We will try to guide you in simple terms. However, rather than just giving you answers, the best thing 1st Dental Financing .com can do is to make sure you are equipped with the right questions for the dentists.

Find a Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygiene - Dental Hygienist - Dental Cleaning

A good toothbrush is an essential tool for daily dental care and good dental hygiene. Not long ago, toothbrushes were all rather standard in design. Now they are available in a dazzling array of colors, sizes and styles, angled heads, tufted bristles, powered by hand, electricity, or sonic waves.

Flossing before or after brushing should be a part of your home dental care program. It doesn't matter which floss you use. How many times have you heard your dentist and dental hygienist tell you to floss? You nod your head and, maybe, you try flossing for a while. Then old habits take over. Well, it bears repeating: flossing is one of the best things you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy.
Visit 1st Dental Hygiene .com to learn the latest information and research on how to achieve outstanding dental hygiene.







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